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KBT420 pipeline Infrared spark detection and flame detector can detect cotton, waste, dust etc. going through the pipe. It is a system that detects the spark or flame in it and automatically intervenes in the machines it is connected to.

The system consists of two parts as detector part and breaker flap. As soon as the detector part detects a spark of low light intensity (…<1023nm) that we cannot see through the pipe, it activates the alarm system, automatically stops the machines included in the emergency stop system, and closes the damper in a short time like 0.5 seconds to prevent the advancement of burning cotton. hinders the flow. Based on the fireproof filter system in the breaker flap, the air flow continues until the fan suctions stop, but the burning cotton is trapped in the damper chamber. There must be a distance of 4-5 meters between the detector and the damper in order to prevent the spark from mixing with the system during the closing time of the damper.

At the outlets of the blowing room machines, in the cotton inlet and waste outlet pipes of the combs to the filter, in the inlets and outlets of the filter and compactor pipes and based on factory requirements production will be made.

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Technical information
System input voltage 220 V AC
System operating voltage 12 V DC
Sensor Type IR
Wavelength sensitivity 760nm – 1100 nm
Operating temperature -40 0C / 80 0C
Signal outputs Analog